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Delta rowing Delta rowing

On stream


The boats and canoes, and fishing items are included in all packages.
Free pass, only for guests.


From the Wharf of the inn on its fourth, or on the boat leaving the inn to navigate (consult plans).

Tigre Art Museum House Museum Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Board Walks Board Walks Board Walks Board Walks

Walking board

Night, moonlight walk

We go sailing through different rivers and streams during one hour, as a unique experience in close contact with nature.

Day, Photo safari

We visit different historical sites of the Delta for an hour.

Outdoor massages Paraguayan Hammock & Camastro Yoga's class Guided Walks Swimming pool with deck Dock on the stream

On Island

Relax room & treatments

View treatments

Among other whims and pampering, our star, breakfast in bed with foot massage, essential to remember the really important things in life.


Guided walks, sandy solarium, swimming pool with deck, wharf at the stream, hammock, boats and canoes are free use, fishing articles, chairs, beds and tents in the park.